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Introduction to Learning Activities

Grades Pre-K-3

Grades K-8 Social Sciences, US Department of Education Exemplary Educational Program

Grades 4-6 Prereading

Grades 4-6 Reading Activities

Grades 4-6 Post-reading Activities

Planting a Great Tree of Peace

Grades 7-9 - Social Studies

Grade 10-12 - Final Exam

Grades 10-12: The US Constitution and the Iroquois Confederacy

College Level

Graduate Level



  • “I had been looking for an underlying theme...that would involve nature, a unity with the Earth, an equality of peoples. I wanted this to be subtle and given on a feeling level, for this age (first grade) learns most easily through their hearts.”
  • “We now often use the phrase ‘Who Speaks for Wolf' and look for ways we can solve problems.”
  • “Who Speaks for Wolf is the most complete piece of literature I have seen on the market.”
  • “There is a level of unconditional love expressed in the Learning Stories that lets me look where I haven't wanted to look. The Learning Stories are great teachers in themselves.”
  • I've just begun to realize what a powerful tool you put into someone's hands when you hand them these two books."