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This program uses the books Three Native American Learning Stories and Three Strands in the Braid: A Guide for Enablers of Learning, and the audiocassette Three Strands in the Braid, all by Native American author Paula Underwood and available through A Tribe of Two Press.

*PIP is designated as an Exemplary Educational Program by the U.S. Department of Education

*PIP is listed in the catalogue of Educational Programs that Work published by Sopris West.

This program is used from pre-K through graduate school.

The Past Is Prologue Educational Program (PIP) is a program that teaches students the procedures involved in operating a democratic government. It facilitates critical thinking and governance. PIP uses three Native American Learning Stories from an Iroquois tradition to teach students how to effectively gather information, make clear decisions, and develop group consensus. The Learning Stories represent multilevel concepts of the decision-making system of a democratic government, emphasizing respect for one another and for all cultures. Teachers report enhanced listening and discussion skills, as well as increased respect for each other and for other cultures. PIP is well-suited for use in an integrated curriculum, as the thinking skills encouraged relate to several curriculum elements. PIP will help meet your multicultural education needs.


Celebrate the joining

of the Three-way Path


and Body

and Spirit

Weave into a full perception

Join Wholeness

and Dimension

and Diversity

Into a singularity of Vision

Let it be so...



This Website is designed to enhance the possibilities for use of The Past is Prologue Educational Program (PIP) in a variety of settings. It is also designed to share learning and experience between PIP Practitioners, dubbed “PIPsqueaks”!

Feel free to select and download appropriate sections for use in your setting, or for your own Learning. Don't hesitate to cross fertilize! Although we have divided the lessons into grade levels, there is hardly a curriculum design that cannot be slightly modified for use at any age level at all! So whether you are working with a major corporation or a neighborhood pre-school, don't hesitate to browse through other sections.


This website pulls from an unpublished Resource Book for Enablers of Learning, developed by Paula Underwood with the enthusiastic input from a number of PIPsqueaks.

Most especially, the Resource Book was developed thanks to Cecilia Dearborn, whose original workbook inspired the expanded Resource Book. Great support was provided by a Working Committee of the PIP Executive Committee that recommended and evolved the format. Additionally, Bob Helberg put the bits and pieces together and originated the design.